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    With the 5 Pillars of an optimal Customer Relationship-Building Funnel in place you can:

    Build Visibility

    Get in front of your ideal client with a unique and uncopyable brand and message, while build your reputation as an influential Trusted Authority - THE choice vs just A choice

    Generate Leads

    Create an Irresistible Signature Giveaway (optin) that captures the attention of your ideal client and compels them to take the next to become a lead you can continue nurturing along the Customer Journey

    Enrol Clients with Ease

    Ensure each touch point and piece of content you share within your Customer Relationship-Building Funnel builds 'know, like and trust' and continues to position you as THE coach they want to work with

    About Annemarie Cross

    Annemarie Cross is a Personal Branding & Podcast Strategist and Business Coach. She is also the CEO and Founder of Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network and Industry Thought Leader Academy, and author of Industry Thought Leader: From Invisible to Influential (and Profitable) with a Podcast.

    Dubbed ‘The Podcasting Queen,’ Annemarie is an award-winning podcast host and is recognized as a pioneer in the podcasting space having started her first co-hosted podcast in 2008. Her podcasts have been syndicated on both National and International Radio and listed among the top podcasts for Entrepreneurs and small business worldwide. 

    Recognised as one of the Top 20 Business Coaches in Melbourne - Australia, Annemarie works with consultants and coaches around the world helping them create distinguishable, uncopyable and irresistible brands so they're seen as not just A choice – but THE choice with their ideal clients.